Built trust

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    Built trust is the trust or social capital people have in a system that has been built through it specifically. It is distinct from the found trust that existed before the system was created or before some specific creative network of users began to use it to actively collaborate.

    It is also distinct from the grown trust that is created in real communities in parallel to that which exists in the Consumerium social club, but which may be said to have "grown on the trellis" provided by the Consumerium Services.

    It is usually quite difficult to actually separate these three in practice, and most don't try. But an accounting standard should make some distinctions, and the Consumerium Governance Organization should be aware that people who come in with their own power networks, like Greens or Reds, tend to have their own parallel channels through which they organize what they do here.

    Accordingly, it may look as if there is lots of built trust when in fact it is a lot of found trust and grown trust that has decided to nest here for a while.