Factionalism is the promotion of factions as a good thing. That is, it sees a political spectrum of different political choices and various ways to organize around common values as an inherent, normal, natural way to do mutual cognition. For instance, factionally defined terms must come before any more widely agreed glossary, and reputation must precede any more effective audit regime (else, who will actually create it?).

Some, e.g. Pinks, see this as overly combative and competitive like betting. They would like everyone to just agree to the same basic things on day one, as if the whole planet were really some gigantic kindergarten - with a Pink as "teacher".

Others, e.g. Greens, consider factions just a consequence of ecology and politics as usual (which they also see as a consequence of ecology). They hope to control and direct it with methods like bioregional democracy which force common interests to be defined along ecological borders to make ecosystem health the basis of co-operation. Consequences of this kind of thinking for Consumerium would be dividing into ecoregions for purposes of governance and monitoring point of production activities everywhere.

See m:faction and m:factionalism for a discussion of how this affects Wikipedia.

Consumerium Governance Organization will have to decide how best to deal with it in the Content Wiki and other activities, e.g. Consumerium maintenance and Consumerium developers priorities, Consumerium Prediction Market if that exists, Life Exchange if that exists too, and of course anything where it might affect the Consumerium buying signal.