Political choice

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Political choice is a sort of practical moral choice where violence and its consequences are considered. That is, there are certain moral choices you don't take, because they can't be defended in a violent world where the only protection from violence is politics as usual.

The political virtues and humour are how we generally deal with the way that moral and political values differ from our actual deeply-held common values.

The political spectrum evolves from people making different political choices. Usually they believe that they "have to" make them a certain way. A faction forms when people begin to strongly (often violently) defend what they believe, because they consider challenge to their factionally defined beliefs to be a physical threat. This is part of politics as usual, and poses numerous challenges for sysops and for the Consumerium Governance Organization.

Quite often, participants on large public wikis read opponent's challenges to their own factional statements or assumptions as physical threats regardless of what is actually said. This may be propaganda or conspiracy, but it is usually just failure to acknowledge that politics exists and that political choices differ, and that these differing assumptions may lead to conflicts that aren't contained to conversation. The more seriously content is to be taken, the more likely this is. The Content Wiki's administration will be likely to affect people's jobs, and perhaps wipe out whole industries. Thus it would be simply wrong, and stupid, to expect that new threats and worst cases will not be actively invented by those who find political consumerism threatening to their livelihoods, e.g. Gus Kouwenhoven, CIV.