Consumerium Prediction Market

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Consumerium Prediction Market is a controversial proposal where betting would be allowed to direct some decisions of the Consumerium Governance Organization. That is, rather than rely on Consumerium researchers exclusively for their opinion of say which standard labels were about to become important, it would be possible for the Consumerium social club (and maybe others) to bet on it. This would presumably allow for much more objective valuation and more likely self-funding of the whole project. Also it would interest stock market players in our Consumerium Services and their influence, which might create some ethical investing.

A prediction market is a well-known concept and has been tested in many places over the last decade or so. There is nothing really controversial about this type of system, just its application to the problems of our Governance Organization.

It might less controversially also allow betting on predictions about other aspects of our centrally controlled information economy, e.g. how fast it will evolve towards a Distributed Consumerium. This would provide a more realistic Consumerium timeline based on what participants really believe, not what they say.