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    From the commercial view point the goal of Consumerium effort is to enable consumers to take up new buying criteria beyond fundamental factors of price, availability and suitability and superficial factors like advertisement and product packaging for making their buying decisions.

    In management there has been lots of stress on breaking running a business down to processes and the ever intensifying competition fuelled by globalization, increase in international trade, increased productivity from new technological innovation is forcing directors to try to reduce the total cost of each process to provide services to consumers to stay ahead of the competition.

    This development trend has already and will continue to make companies search for other means of distinguishing their offerings from the competition besides just providing a better product for less money than last year.

    The key to making future development sustainable is to make qualitative insight into production processes available to consumers, which enables consumers to detect and act on cycles seen all over the world; to slow and stop negative cycles, those deteriorating quality of life and endangering nature and to accelerate positive ones. In practice this means consumers making moral buying decisions and sending feedback to managers whose job it is to make quantitative decisions about the future and here-and-now. These dynamics will reward the companies who have taken on the serious challenges of moral sourcing both financially and information-wise.

    It's all about classical market economics just spiced up with enhanced multi-directional (consumer && merchant && producer && investor) information flows. This has been made feasible by the recent development in information technology.

    Further information is available on our Main Page or by contact.