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This is really really bad. It says nothing specific or concrete. It is full of abstract phrases that mean nothing.

No. It is very clear terminology for executives and every sentence says something either about how things are in business now or how we hope to change how the business is.
No, it's bad writing. It's gone.
Actually I get this feeling about the whole wiki. Following the links from Consumerium:Welcome, newcomers, I'm encountering lots of abstract waffle, but struggling to gain an understanding of what its all about. I would guess that you are trying to attract wiki contributions from people with knowledge of consumer issues over a broad range of product types. I also gather that the project has a wider scope, looking at ways of delivering consumer information e.g. devices in supermarkets. Seems like an interesting idea, but it's really not very clear. Maybe this 'Executive summary' is a page where one would expect the language to be thick with management speak, but I would suggest that some of the other pages need some work. This waffle should be replaced by more specific concrete information. - Nojer2 - 29 Nov 2004

It really must go. Picking good questions of the FAQ is a far better way to go

No way. This is not going anywhere. --Juxo 08:52, 28 Apr 2004 (EEST)
Fixing it.
Just changing how it's introduced seems to solve most problems. It is an abstract overview for management science types, or theoretically minded managers, it is not for the ordinary person, and certainly not for an ordinary person in a hurry. So now the Main Page says clearly who it is aimed at.