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This has been depracated in favor of Question, which is a link-to-target page for finding open questions

State new Open questions here. This page is for linking to articles that have yet to be resolved questions.

The Discussion page is for discussing new emergent questions. Let's try to concentrate new open questions there and not scattered among different interlinkin articles to get a clear collection of questions to discuss and work on

Voting system(s)

Question: Campaigns - How do the voting systems work now that WikiVotes have been introduced. Previously there were two distinct vote types Direct Votes and Indirect Votes, but since the introduction of Campaign management by Wiki and the included idea of Opinion Wiki accepting and handling votes this scheme is a little broken opened 1.3.2004, still open

POV/dispute over facts resolution

Design paradigm#Multiple Point Of Views - Disputes were in the second design revision handled by splitting disputed articles and listing them on TCE. How should point of view disputes be resolved now opened 1.3.2004, still open

Wikipedia has degraded into neutral point of view held up by sysop power structure and New Troll point of view pushed by new trolls who invade in hordes or legions periodically.


Since the introduction of the new proposed wikis Research Wiki and Signal Wiki to somehow overthrow the old plan of Opinion Wiki and Content Wiki it is unclear what goes where and how Wiki management will work, what are good Wiki Governance Practices.

It's just renaming. THIS mediawiki is the Development Wiki - formerly R&D Wiki. Where the intermediate pages go is the Research Wiki - formerly Opinion Wiki. The data which goes direct to the Consumerium buying signal is the Signal Wiki - formerly Content Wiki. No change to function at all, but it's clear what is done in/from each. The right management and governance practices vary with what the purpose of each is.