Consumerium:Intermediate page format

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    Consumerium intermediate page format is the style of the Consumerium:intermediate pages in the Research Wiki/Content Wiki. There are expected to be several types of such pages, and just enough examples of each type here in the Development Wiki to guide us to a pilot:

    Elements of each type of page are dealt with separately as linked above. They will have some format elements in common, e.g.

    If your individual buying criteria are constructed strictly from those of factions, weighing them in some way, it becomes easy to decide what will be shown to you. This is called intermediate page because it is not in the final display form, but is sucked in to some program that generates the Consumerium buying signal, e.g. in Python to present on worn device.

    At least two approaches are possible to processing intermediate page information

    1. ONLY this information would be processed into the Signal Wiki to become the Consumerium buying signal. If it's not on the intermediate page, it's not part of that signal! This focuses all editing attention on the intermediate page. ConsuML information is always expressed here on the intermediate page and is updated as the ConsuML pages change.
    2. Intermediate page is processed into ConsuML with other facts from other sources we did not assemble, if only to make sure we aren't responsible for checking them all. This combined source goes into the Signal Wiki to be edited last minute say by lawyers or potentially by some process that makes it easy for Consumerium Governance Organization to claim that it did what it was legally required to.

    See metaweb intermediate page for an idea of how a generic intermediate page should be constructed, though they are more likely to call their editor-groupings a phyle than a faction for reasons having to do with their mandate to extend w:Neal Stephenson's work.