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    A WikiVote is just a vote taken via a wiki. Some issues:

    • can you change a vote after you make it?
    Sure. You can remove your vote simply by removing it from your User:UserName/MyVotes page perhaps to switch to support an another more credible, better-argued campaign.
    The question is already answered elsewhere, though disagreeing views are welcome. The current proposition is a one-to-one vote: You have one WikiVote per issue. A more interesting question is how and by who is defined what is an "issue". Obivious issues are a company, a brand, a product and a product group so we should start with these basics and then expand.
    The existence of multiple levels of authentication is the basic approach, but the details are yet quite open.
    This could be factionally defined if there is a way for factions to register distrust in each other's methods and reduce their power if a Consumerium:audit shows them abusing proxies or something. Make them compete to create invincible systems of authentication, or none, as long as they dont claim to speak for individual buying criteria that they don't speak for.

    Old obsoleted plans[edit | edit source]

    The voting pages are most obviously "noindex, nofollow" ( stops search engines from indexing ) and furthermore copyright of the wiki user i.e. not copylefted. If someone wants to publish vote sets in another namespace this surely will be allowed or even recommended. ( If NGOs want to publish vote sets it's sort of the revival of the indirect vote. )

    See edits, votes and bets for the debate about how to decide the final Consumerium buying signal.

    Some basic paradigms have been suggested to measure the support of campaigns:

    • Direct Vote requires many votes and rewards heavy participation, and,
    • Indirect Vote requires fewer votes and rewards faction organization
    • and the oddly-named WikiVote which seems to overlap with both of them

    To vote or not to vote?[edit | edit source]

    The Policy on Consumerium is that voting is discouraged for various reasons.

    1. ) By voting you open up yourself to severe consumption pattern profiling. Please consider not using real name if you intend to vote.
    2. ) We don't want any sorts of census effect à la facebook. So please, srsly, don't vote.
    3. ) Voting is unwiki
    4. ) ...

    Planned onwiki vote structure[edit | edit source]

    Use following syntax (vote only once on each "thing")

    One can add any number of reasons by prefixing like this (you can intermix commas with "and"s so don't worry about that.

    Company X for Reason 1, Reason 2 and Reason 3

    in the above articles to cast your votes. Vote only once on one thing

    Voting in the future[edit | edit source]

    In the future you can use one line to vote on multiple entities on one line.

    All votables that are before the keyword over gets voted up and every votable after that gets voted down.

    • Prefers X over Y results in +1 and -1 respectively
    • Strongly prefers X and Y over Z results in +2, +2 and -2 respectively


    What's this I keep hearing about a dual voting system?[edit | edit source]

    Indirect Votes probably won't be implemented due to lack of interest