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This page is for discussing the Guidelines

We should think about adopting use of strike-out text for some useges, but which. An apparent is when changing the meaning of some paragraph completely

When that happens, it's best to try to apply neutral point of view first and acknowledge the controversy. Unless it is really a decision that is all one or the other. For instance you can design a system to work only with audio information, with text or video display as a "nice to have", and it does not mean that text and video display is later impossible.

I've noticed I'm using International English spelling which is not very American, sorry about that.

That should be standard here, for obvious reasons. It should be standard for the whole GFDL text corpus but never mind all the reasons/Wikipedians who have damaged the text into retarded status by failing to know the standard.

15.6.2003 Switched from using TLDs to ISO 3166-1 to identify COUNTRIES. If you have objections let's hear them.Juxo 18:45 Jun 15, 2003 (EEST)

Better to use the standards. But do not confuse standards for countries and standards for languages. They are two different things.

The GFDL _does_ require attribution. Actually, it requires that the five main authors of a text are credited. At the very least, a link to the Wikipedia article is recommended by Wikipedia (the full list of authors can be found in History). — 12:46, 29 Nov 2004 (EET)