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ISO[edit | edit source]

List of Consumerium related ISO standards (totally incomplete)[edit | edit source]

General reference[edit | edit source]

  • w:ISO 639 2 and 3 digit language codes
  • ISO 3166-1 COUNTRY CODES and Names + freely available from UN/LOCODE site
  • ISO 3166-2 Country Subdivision codes. Full copy costs 194 CZF. Incomplete snipplets available at the UN/LOCODE-site.
  • ISO 4217 is an international standard describing three letter codes to define the names of currencies established by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO.

Financial reference[edit | edit source]

  • w:ISO 6166 Securities and related financial instruments -- International securities identification numbering system (ISIN) The implementation process of this standard is slowly on the way.

Environmental reference[edit | edit source]

Social responsibility guidelines[edit | edit source]

  • w:ISO 26000 guidelines for social responsibility for any sized business. Released in 2010.

Some of these might be used as (normative) reference

See also:[edit | edit source]