Green Documentation License

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    A Green Documentation License would presumably put some barriers in place to turning contributed content into greewash, or perhaps using documentation for non-Green purposes that violate the six principles which all so-called Greens believe in, at least according to the Global Green Charter. There may also just be a simple set of restrictions that prevent its use for war and ecological devastation. At least, to the degree that any license can do that.

    While adding Invariant Sections (which are Secondary Sections) to the GNU FDL may warn against use for some purposes, it can't actually prevent such use.

    A GDL is clearly not Free according to Debian. But of course, who cares?

    See also Green Software License, Green Patent License.

    The Consumerium License may rely on these licenses to cut some corruption, if the Governance Organization they use is ultimately compatible with ours.