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    But is there automatic XML-import and hopefully diff facilities for importing from internet-encyclopedia or wikipedia or any number and choice of GetWiki or MediaWiki running wikis?

    This is a good reason to support a m: = "multiple", and n: = "neutral" and f: = "factional" name space. We select the best of each behind the scenes, rather than hardwiring assumptions about that into the article itself. Why not? We already point to w: articles which are ever-changing... so why not ever-changing redirects?
    I'm not understanding what you are getting at with these namespaces. Please elaborate.
    See interwiki link standard first. When that works, we will want some abbreviations. If I think Wikinfo has the best multiple point of view in English then m: should go to en:Wikinfo:, but if Wikipedia has the only article in French then m: should go to fr:Wikipedia:, etc.. We need a way to make faction-specific (maybe even individualized) interwiki links. Note this only works if article titles are identical or there is very disciplined use of redirects for all possible titles (which is best anyway).
    We should copy and rewrite the articles we refer to in the Meta-Wikipedia space, as these are not in general relevant to Consumerium or even to mediawiki. Rewrites could help get some concepts clearer, and link them to the issues here.

    We certainly need to get GetWiki to run a test-wiki to see how it is different and maybe use Wikinfo or use Wikipedia as a user preference.

    A good first step - the user could set where w: points for their purposes. Why not ask the GetWiki developers for this kind of feature? I'm sure they'll see the need for it. There should be arbitrary code possible to figure out where m:, w:, f:, n: go. Maybe there already is?
    Hmm... no point asking M.R.M._Parrott anything. Better to find people of a rational and troll-friendly/progressive bent to do yet another fork that Consumerium can share with Recyclopedia. There is really no point in trying to collaborate with one's ideological opposites on software projects. Mr. Parrott is a Kantian Platonist, and he further seems to be a narcissist, if one is to practice the same psychiatry on him that he applies to others. Not a reliable partner for anything. Trolls are done with him. He has seriously failed the test.
    To set where m, w, f or n points to, use the interwiki table. For example:
    REPLACE INTO interwiki (iw_prefix,iw_url,iw_local) VALUES ('w','$1',0)
    Then restart memcached if you are using it. Interwiki links were moved from includes/Interwiki.php to the database in August 2003. If you have a version of MediaWiki from before then, you need to edit that file rather than the database. -- Tim Starling 16:26, 24 Jun 2004 (EEST)

    GetWiki: critical point of view is that the software is new, has some bugs, notably in making an interwiki link standard difficult to express (which MediaWiki does not) which may be deliberate sabotage for commercial purposes. However its primary drawback is its primary developer, M.R.M. Parrott. Here is a sample of his sysop vandalism on Wikinfo:

    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 03:27 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Standard wiki URI": vandalism)
    • (diff) (hist) . . GetWiki talk:Corpus; 03:23 . . Proteus (Talk) (restored link)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 03:19 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Interwiki identity standard": vandalism)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 03:18 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Wikinfo:Faction": vandalism)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Block log; 03:18 . . Proteus (Talk) (blocked "": stop spamming NOW)
    • (diff) (hist) . . GetWiki talk:Corpus; 03:14 . . (Talk) (restore deleted names as redirects please, or at least don't object to their restoral as redirects; theory of conduct is not theory of behaviour, technological superiority implies moral inferiority)
    • (diff) (hist) . . M GetWiki talk:Corpus; 03:09 . . Proteus (Talk) (updated link)
    • (diff) (hist) . .N GetWiki talk:Corpus/InterWiki; 03:09 . . Proteus (Talk) (created page, moved materials)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 03:04 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Talk:Standard wiki URI": redundant)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 03:03 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Wikitext markup": vandalism)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 03:03 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Wikitext": vandalism)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 03:03 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Wikitax": vandalism)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 03:00 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Standard wiki URI": redundant, moved to GetWiki talk:Corpus/InterWiki)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 02:57 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Talk:Faction": vandalism)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 02:54 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Wikinfo talk:Faction": redundant)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 02:53 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Wikinfo:Faction": redundant, moved to GetWiki talk:Corpus/InterWiki)
    • (diff) (hist) . . M Sympathetic point of view; 02:51 . . Proteus (Talk) (reverted)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 02:50 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Interwiki identity standard": redundant, moved to GetWiki talk:Corpus/InterWiki)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Sympathetic point of view; 02:49 . . (Talk)

    (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 02:48 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Interwiki link standard": redundant, moved to GetWiki talk:Corpus/InterWiki)

    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Deletion log; 02:46 . . Proteus (Talk) (deleted "Wikinfo:Languages": vandalism)
    • (diff) (hist) . . M Trolls; 02:25 . . Proteus (Talk) (updated)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Trolls; 02:24 . . Proteus (Talk) (updated)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Caucasus by Levan Urushadze; 02:23 . . Levan Urushadze (Talk)
    • (diff) (hist) . . M Trolls; 02:19 . . Proteus (Talk) (updated)
    • (diff) (hist) . . Internet Encyclopedia:Protection log; 02:18 . . Proteus (Talk) (protected Trolls)
    • (diff) (hist) . .N Trolls; 02:18 . . Proteus (Talk) (from consumerium (note changes here))

    The log is unedited. Anyone who believes it is ethical for a sysop to edit a page and then immediately protect it to curtail comment is probably unethical. This is not the kind of person who should be deciding which features to add to Recyclopedia, Consumerium:Itself or any other deliberative democracy-based project, or indeed any troll-friendly project.

    Anyone who thinks discussion of an interwiki link standard is only relevant to GetWiki must think there is nothing else managing the GFDL text corpus, like e.g. no mediawiki, which seems to reflect a commercial bias - ironic as he accuses trolls of spamming here! Most likely it is his own spamlike assertions that GetWiki will eventually solve the problem that motivates him to make it hard to find or compare any equivalent proposals on other large public wikis. In any case breaking links or common article naming that enable standards is unethical. Clearly the obscure GetWiki_talk:Corpus/InterWiki page is not the place anyone will deliberately look for cross-wiki cross-platform discussion of the issue.

    Such an arrogant attitude also assumes that Consumerium or Metaweb will never produce any software to work with that text either. Beyond that, anyone who deletes files that have standard names on several large public wikis without a redirect, is obviously doing so to censor comment.

    Finally, note the self-righteous tone here. Anyone who believes that their technological superiority implies moral superiority, or that comment on policy is spamming, is either insane, or asserting a clear commercial point of view for their own gain.

    Mr. Parrott's motives here are transparent. This is a good example of the kind of thing that must be strictly forbidden on Consudev:itself.

    This strongly suggests that Consumerium:Itself must move off GetWiki as Mr. Parrott is highly unlikely to implement any features useful for more deliberative democracy directed methods, e.g. a faction.

    Whatever merits GetWiki has, it seems they are outweighed by the developer.