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Friday 2012-12-14[edit]

Information framework and sources[edit]

MediaWiki + Wikipedia + Wikidata ( Wikibase-Extension ) + DBpedia + Commons + + + Wikitravel + Wikivoyage ( WMF competitor to Wikitravel ) + Transnationale + Responsible Shopper + Ethical Consumer == more then enough for moving onto the D&D phase ( deployment & development ) after 10.5 yrs in the R&D phase given that implementing the voting is not necessary to get started on building wiki.

Open but discardable voter ids[edit]

The voting plans are now brainsane but implementation is complicated. We'd really need crypto & provability experts to design the voting/vote counting framework. To facilitate the social media game we must give users the ability to reveal sub-sets of their votes to different audiences. Voters must apparently be assigned an ID to enable to track vote flow from counting time to counting time accompanied by an implementation that fully respects Right to vanish by means of taking a new id discarding the old one and setting all vote sets non-visible and no-one except you knows ( who knows ) who you are voter-wise, privacy restored.

Slashdot metamoderation[edit] metamoderation ( known as M2 ), a system where the oldest 92.5% accounts have rights to M2 which is to moderate the moderations of random moderators. Someone in irc described that the introduction of M2 to Slashdot quickly got almost fully rid of vandalism.