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This article is about the Wikitravel (.org) is a crowdsourced free travel guide since 2003 and the Wikivoyage (.org) (est. 2006) partial fork, partial resumption of earlier work

Wikitravel in a nutshell[edit]

Wikitravel (.org) is a project since 2003 to promote tourist destinations with information compiled by wiki.

Originally GFDL that was migrated to CC-SA-3.0 on January 1, 2010. Wikitravel has been purchased by a for-profit entity.

This is a major area of interest, especially if tour packages can be barcoded in catalogues, or destinations assessed for various criteria: impact on environment, use of child or slave labour, etc. - killing the tourist trade is a great way to get the government to take heavy handed action against the offenders who are ruining these hard cash industries...

It uses mediawiki, for now, but it also uses the Creative Commons license, a parametric copyleft licence of high quality, for contributions. This should be considered by the Consumerium Governance Organization as well, as the Creative Commons Board has a very well-designed process for adding new types of licenses and terms - such as the Consumerium Software License may need to be. The "by" attribution with "sa" share-alike version of the CC are similar to those of the GFDL although they are not compatible, and seem impossible to make so. Relicensing the R&D wiki under a CC license is possible.

Wikitravel has been acquired by a for-profit entity.

Wikivoyage in a nutshell[edit]

  • The Wikivoyage (.org) has operated since 2006. In 2012 it got a major boost from a non-complete content-fork by Wikitravel contributors possible possible under copyleft licence. It is operated by nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation. It has roots going back to 1999 in earlier efforts to compile a global travel guide by crowdsourcing instead of professional writers.

Wikitravel and Wikivoyage comparison[edit]

Wikitravel Wikivoyage
Licence CC-SA CC-SA
Software MediaWiki MediaWiki
Founded 2003 2006
for-profit Yes No
Ads Yes No
Semantically enabled ? ?

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