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    Transnationale provides Consumer guides to multinationals and shopping.

    Comprehensive, but "best before" expired on some parts such as Finland which I was able to check for myself, information on more than 13,000 companies and over 21.000 brands around the world. Transnationale does not discern between brand and product but lists all products as "brands".

    They report social and environmental behaviour, financial data, list of brands, membership to the most influential lobbies, public relations and opinion making, managers name and position, shareholders and subsidiaries, plants locations and offshore centers, brand and corporate image management.

    Transnationale provides following metrics:

    Transnationale provides following datas:


      • Name
      • Industry group
      • Mailing address
      • Country
      • Telephone number
      • Ticker symbol
      • Company website
      • email address


      • Name
      • Logo

    Market share

      • Product
      • Country

    Financials listed in metrics +

      • Assets


      • Name
      • Position
      • Salary
      • Director fee
      • Stock-options
      • Severance package

    Lobbying and corruption

      • Objective
      • Intermediary or lobby
      • Organization


      • Donor
      • Amount

    Environmental impact

      • Pollution type
      • Consequences

    Human impact

      • Description of violation

    Global manufacturing

      • Subsidiary name
      • Mailing address
      • Telephone or email
      • Production type
      • Country

    Advertising and marketing:

      • Slogan
      • Public relations agency
      • Advertisement
      • Partnership
      • Value embodied
      • Global advertising budget

    It seems that as of 2012 transnationale no longer requires membership to access all of the data.

    The site contains ads and asks for donations.

    They are using static HTML and DB generated pages. Their research seems to be of high quality and special effort has been put to the internationalization.

    The people behind transnationale have also marketed their other domains such as and In the main transnationale site there are still links to these two extinct sites.