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This specifies the page - move this to Talk:Main Page Researcher when you've got a good prototype. See Main Page style for some issues.

The Main Page Researcher appears at and is designed to help the Consumerium:Researcher do Consumerium Service access by HTTP-based wiki code. That is, to edit the Consumerium:intermediate pages with some prototype Research Wiki tools.

It will include prominent links to the Consumerium:Researcher_FAQ.

It will have short notes to redirect potential Consumerium:Developers to Main Page Developer. All researchers are consumers, of course, and it's a valid objection to someone's authoritative integrity that they don't actually buy according to the criteria they espouse. We aren't investigating this, but keep in mind that:

Consumerium buying signals will be strongly affected by research work, so use of watchlist or related changes to review others' work, is recommended.
The Recentchanges to what is linked from this page should be a reliable guide to keep researchers up to date on policy changes.

Most researchers will specialize in some set of institutional buying criteria or faction considerations they commit to. They are expected not to interfere with others whose criteria, considerations, or commitments differ, except if this is amounting to sysop vandalism or something. In which case they should bring it to Consumerium:Sysop and Lowest Troll attention. See Consumerium:Researcher_Agreement for detailed information about this and other elements of Consumerium Process that you'd have to know about, to avoid becoming one of the users in conflict.