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    Categories were introduced to MediaWiki in version 1.3.0 released in 2004.

    Categories are basically automatic two-way hyperlinks where when you add a page to a category by adding [[Category:SomeCategory]] to the bottom of the page a link is created to the category from the article and to the article from the category, thus it is a two-way hyperlink.

    Categories may be nested i.e. they may contain sub-categories.

    Main ways to input categories into articles is to be through using short templates which take care of including the article in all the required categories. Also we will draw in at least 40,000 companies' datas from DBpedia datasets or ontologies.

    Very related things include templates, MediaWiki/Extensions and MediaWiki/Widgets.

    Other uses may rise. For more reading on this proceed to the Meta-Wikipedias user guide to Categories

    use in Consumerium itself[edit | edit source]

    Special:Categories lists all that are presently in use in this wiki itself.

    Preliminary plans are to use categories in Research Wiki pilot for at least Product Groups. Representing each of these as Categories may enable grouping of products and product substitution suggestions. It may help Campaigns (to determine that one doesn't accidentally vote for more then one campaign in each campaign category. Products will be tied to a Product Group category as precise as possible, probably by identifying what services they provide, i.e. all products are bundles of services.

    current categories:[edit | edit source]

    • mediawiki pages that are required or imposed by use of mediawiki software
    • deprecated pages are those that no longer play any role in the current design model

    Proposed categories[edit | edit source]

    categories aren't namespaces[edit | edit source]

    Categories should not be confused with namespaces. There are seven namespaces used in Consumerium itself:

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