Virtual community

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    A virtual community or online community is a bunch of geeks trying to pretend they are a community, but really just taking advantage of flaws in social software to give themselves a more important position than they can get in real life. If you call Consumerium by this name, you can expect people to make life nastier than it otherwise had to be.

    If you are a sysop and you do this on your own wiki, expect regime change. Calling something a community invites politics as usual!

    A much more valid and real concept is w:epistemic community or w:community of practice, both of which Consumerium social club might be.

    But in no sense is it a little "community" with a political spectrum of its own - we want our political discussions here focused on real world political choice so we can promote political consumerism, not on trivial politics of who offended who or who is a troll. We are all trolls, get over it!