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    References that state or restate or question the mission or purpose of Consumerium itself must be differentiated from those that simply refer to the project as object.

    The wiki best practice for references to itself within any large public wiki was published at Dowire as en: dowire: itself. Quoting from which, a link to itself

    "makes clear that this is the central place to define and redefine the actual visited wiki, to direct its mission or contest its basic assumptions. Similarly, DoWire.Org:We is to be linked whenever users make consensus statements: what "we" say about DoWire "itself", is what it "is".
    "If there is a relevant comment on another page, there should be also a link to" itself "to make it easier to find those comments from this page itself, by using the special page What links here. From this central place, they can be discussed."

    This practice is followed at Wikipedia and a few other major wikis.