Editorial bias

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    Editorial bias of the Consumerium buying signal must match the individual bias of the person reading it, else, they will not trust it.

    Figuring out the individuals' bias is difficult. Comparing the individual buying criteria with institutional buying criteria of factions, and guessing based on that what someone's values are, is imperfect, but so is asking them to explicitly choose who to trust (see edits, votes and bets).

    The community point of view is also an editorial bias, usually enforced by a sysop power structure that may or may not reflect any other power structure, e.g. ownership of the infrastructural capital, political party leadership, etc.

    Editorial bias is usually a complex function of w:notation bias, w:culture bias and w:cognitive bias, and some more specific w:infrastructure bias and w:confirmation bias, especially if the people whose views are attacked are unpopular, or have been subject to attack in an echo chamber. See wiki management for more on these issues.