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The trolls faction welcomes you! Please be sure to read 142.177.X.X/Anti_Wikipedia_Rants and enemy projects! You'll enjoy them for sure. But other than learning from others' mistakes we don't care about the "Wikipedians", we're here to do real work, including:

figure out all ways to deliver the Consumerium buying signal which is spit out of the Publish Wiki where final edit for legal and brevity happens before print or display.
create Consumerium:intermediate pages for the Research Wiki that eventually get sucked into the whole system, and get turned into the signal after that final edit; these contain actual data on company and country and industry and commodity;
figure out how to document individual buying criteria and institutional buying criteria and how factions influence both of those, maybe how scores and price premiums develop; this will take more outreach
figure out how to get feedback, a tough design problem
document the whole darn service economy to figure out comprehensive outcomes of transactions - very hard, all styles of capital must be considered.
rendezvous with essential projects that share our core values of moral responsibility for what you buy (political consumerism)

Juxo also welcomes you, but asks kindly you read Rules and Guidelines. They are here to keep this wiki focused on development issues so that we are prepared when we go to the implementation phase.

We need new users here more than we need rules.

"Venceremos" is a spanish phrase that translates roughly as, "We shall overcome."