Service economy

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    Redefining all reference to commodity or product relations as part of the service sector is the goal of those who use the term service economy.

    In this service-centric view of the economy, there is literally "no such thing as a product." Everything purchased has services necessarily assumed within it.

    This is seen, especially in green economics and more specific theories within it such as Natural Capitalism, as having these benefits:

    Full cost accounting and most accounting reform and monetary reform measures are usually thought to be impossible to achieve without a good model of the service economy.

    Product stewardship or product take-back are words for a specific requirement or measure in which the service of waste disposal is paid for at time of purchase. It is often applied to paint, tires, and other goods that become toxic waste if not disposed of properly. It is most familiar as the deposit bottle - where one pays for the loan of the bottle at the same time as one purchases what is inside it. Legal requirements vary: the bottle itself may be considered the property of the purchaser of the contents, or, the purchaser may have some obligation to return the bottle to some depot so it can be recycled or re-used. So these are partial implementations of a strict service economy ideal.