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    Ok. This is a Blog, blog is just a web page where all the content is in reverse chronological order (kinda redundant: a blog in a wiki, but I'll see if this works). You may comment on posts if you like, but please be sensible and do it on the talk page


    Still hoping to be revitalized. It must be this increasing darkness of the fall that I haven't gotten around to do some serious work around here. Well well...

    And a note on a practical issue. Today there were some outages due to software upgrades on our host.


    My connection got fixed (I payed the overdue bill, which might have something to do with it).

    I'm off to an undisclosed location for a couple of days and hope to come back revitalised.


    Very tired and very occupied with other matters for a few more days. In a desperate attempt to relax I saw two movies today: "Sibelius", which was about this famous finnish compositor and "My Life Without Me", which was about the state of humanity in developed northern countries circa 2002... or something. This combination helped so shoutouts go to Isabel Coixet and The Almodovar Brothers for making this nice picture. I hope endorsements are not forbidden in the rules ;)


    Trolls request your attention at Metaweb:authored vs. anonymous pages. The standards they set, should be the straw man for the standards we set. We may need to vary ours very much, but, we should start from what they can agree on.


    I have some pressing non-consumerium matters that i have to attend to now, but I must say that I'm excited by the way things are going. We seem to have reached a stage where the theoretic groundwork is fairly done, but now there are serious practical issues to resolve like licensing schemes used in Opinion Wiki and Content Wiki and of course the issue of how to not get sued. Resolving governance is also a big problem, since vandalism and other mischief has to be dealt with, but that is going to result in lots of flames to those who have to draw the line on what is acceptable and what is not.

    To minimize the threat of a flamestorm the instructional capital has to be well thought out and well defined and expressed.


    Oh, the eternal incoherence. I guess I should merge The Consumerium Exchange and what is presented in User:Juxo/Thinking aloud into Wikinion but I'm sorta vary of it since it'll propably just create more incoherence and sooner or later someone might point out why it won't work that way either.

    Now if we implement this WikiVote thing then there are two or three different types of votes and three is too much imho.

    But the "new" Wiki approach and the original vision can be brought closer by using strictly named subarticles that are then "collapsed" into a viewable document for the consumer based on her/his preferences ie. articles and their subarticles form a tree and preferences define what branches and leaves are visible and in what order. If you want to see ecological stuff first when fine. If you want labor issues first, fine. If you want consumer reviews first, fine. And this way we can have more fine grained version control (signatures) and editors can concentrate on the subarticle that is closest to their expertese. Also newbie editors are less likely to get irritated over the syntax requirements that are not usually present in wikis. Parsing monolithic articles would also hog more resources


    The Controlfreak In Charge of Irrigation Systems kindly asks you to fasten your wiki-seatbelts. There is a revision of the revision in the works and it's more Wiki then ever before. bbl

    Majority of campaign management and voting on campaigns is going to be wiki-based with a varying level of security measures to make it comfortable for those less paranoid and those more paraniod.


    After the upgrade to the new MediaWiki version I should take some time to go through the articles to format them to make for informative and precise TOCs. But today I have some other business to take care of.


    Ok, I guess that todays additions are enough for you over-advantaged info junkies. I'm especially exited about the addition of future products to campaignable issues: It works in numerous ways and directions.


    No. I still haven't thought this thing through, but even I have lot's of problems figuring out where to find stuff in this Wiki eventhough I've written most of the articles, so that is a clear signal that we are in need of some serious housekeeping here.

    After the introduction of the The revised design paradigm the plan is roughly that facts should go to the Content Wiki and opinions should go to the The Consumerium Exchange and over half of the articles contain totally outdated and misleading "information"

    This wiki needs to be in a coherent state. Currently this is so messy that the mess propably inhibits us from aqcuiring new contributors (not that I have actually ever advertised the concept anywhere outside of the 'pedia, word-of-mouth and a few casual emails).

    This shit is complicated! The interaction between The Backend, The Content Wiki and The Consumerium Exchange and the UI of the Consumer is a really problematic question.

    I wonder what's going on. Juxo 19:21 Oct 4, 2003 (EEST)

    My brain just got overloaded. BBL. Juxo 19:32 Oct 4, 2003 (EEST)

    User:Juxo/Thiking aloud??? maybe i should sleep every now and then ;)

    Hmm. Tidying this wiki is turning out to be not simple. I should really write some summaries so that people who are just getting introduced to this could quickly grasp the general "feel", but instead i seem to wonder around the wiki fixing one think and breaking two or more at the same time ;)

    I'll go to sleep now and the trolls will fix everything while I'm asleep. yes?


    I must take some time to think about The Consumerium Concept as a do i expalin this when i'm not sure what are the questions i should be asking.... Simplicity and Elaborate being to poles, gotta figure out the trajectory... or something.

    This is a very delicate waypoint in the development process, so here is a link and here is an another. If you gotta troll, please be gentle this time. Mmkay??


    There are plenty of outdated pages, lots of unresolved issues and propably even more questions that have not even been voiced publicly that have to be tackled before we can even dream of moving on to an implementation stage, but we are going to get there one day. Please help if you can.

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