Instructional capital

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    Instructional capital is agreements that can be used to guide or limit or restrict action by individual capital (people, if the instructions are written in natural language) or infrastructural capital (equipment, if the instructions are software). It cannot generally make either individuals or infrastructure do what they are not trained or designed to do, but, it can help prevent them from doing most stupid, destructive and dangerous things.

    When people begin to trust instructions, they tend to associate social capital with them, as symbolized by a brand, flag or label. This is usually opens up a possibility for those with power to start cheating and creating bad instructions that can no longer be trusted, but the good reputation of the brand, flag or label protects them from being caught for longer than would be the case without the symbol that is associated with good reputation (track record of good instructional capital and complying with the instructions - integrity which is only proven by an audit by trusted auditors).