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hmm.... seems that both en: w: work on talk: pages but not "real" pages.

troll suggestion - implement links to Simple English Wikipedia. If there's a useful enough article there, we should link to that, not to the Full English one. It is far more likely that a short limited-vocabulary article will suit our purposes better than a long one in a 10,000 word vocabulary. Also the translated versions will more and more be the same as the Simple English ones, and we want this to work in all languages eventually.
The Simple Wikipedia is using some Phase II or even older software which makes it not-so-readable
If we can agree this is important then articles on everything in the glossary can be written for the Simple English Wikipedia which introduce all the concepts well enough for anyone to contribute here. This would be a good project for those who are working on the conceptual model. Eventually all Consumerium Concepts should be easy to define in Simple English.
We need to also think about how well the Consumerium Concepts are translatable to other languages