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There are some bugs such as the "remember my session"-option in login does not work. These are fixed in rc4, but there is some uncertainty to the upgrade process.

New in 1.2.0rc3

Other failings:

MediaWiki has no full text search facility

Yes it does. It's only Wikipedia that has turned it off, "because of the load", i.e. because mediawiki on that junk hardware run by the 'foundation' can't handle it.
No doubt an independent board would be able to get enough people to trust it to buy enough hardware to do full text search. So once again Wales and his clique/cabal hold back the project, and make it useless for many purposes other than to enable forks.

We should deal with GetWiki and MediaWiki as one thing. All of the features will probably end up in both eventually. Especially as both are hate-driven products and they seem to hate each other especially.

Aww man. Don't be so negative
All successful software is based on hate. Look at Microsoft. All abstractions are hateful. But hopefully most relationships are affectionate.

Newest rumors about 1.3.0 final release date are for weekend or early next week according to Brion --Juxo 15:58, 6 Aug 2004 (EEST)

When will it do the pass-through that GetWiki does? That's the only feature that matters, so everyone can run their own slightly customized GFDL corpus access provider. Basically Project Xanadu but 35 years late.

Moved from article:

The main difference is that MediaWiki 1.3 has a XML import that is available only to the sysop power structure. This seems to 142.177.X.X to be a ploy to kill off GetWiki, after which support for this feature, which makes it easy to fork off with the GFDL Corpus, will probably (in the opinion of 142.177.X.X) be withdrawn or limited or "bugged up" to make it useless. There is no incentive, (in the opinion of 142.177.X.X) once GetWiki dies, for MediaWiki's developers (some of whom are involved with Wikimedia) to support an XML-based fork.

FYI It's not functional in 1.3 thus it is disabled for all. You can turn it on in your own installation by uncommenting a line or two (look for "return 0;" in SpecialImport.php) to find out it doesn't yet work. --Juxo 16:44, 29 Sep 2004 (EEST)

Some, such as Tim Starling, have engaged in activities that strongly suggest (in the opinion of 142.177.X.X) that they deliberately offer tools such as vandalbots to those who attack such services, e.g. 142.177.X.X claims this was done to Recyclopedia. Accordingly it may be better (in the opinion of 142.177.X.X) to stick to GetWiki just to have a hedge against the sysop power structure, which in the opinion of 142.177.X.X controls Mediawiki code.