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An independent board of advisors and/or directors is one of the requirements to legally take charitable contributions in many countries. All large charities have one. They are absolutely necessary to attract any major donor.

They are also often appropriate in government tasks. See [1] which specifies "an independent board to review current and make recommendations for new standards and procedures for the classification of information for national security purposes" in the USA. Presumably selection of directors would be state of the art given US concerns with its national security, and should be looked at as a model.

Private sector companies that are publicly traded also require such boards. "Currently, in India and the UK, the Listing Agreement and the City Code provide that non-executive directors should be independent of management and free from any business or other relationship which could interfere with the exercise of their independent judgement, leaving the board to identify the parameters, which leaves the issue open-ended." a call for independent board members in the Financial Express of India which goes on to document the w:Higgs and Naresh Chandra Committee in India which:

"...defines an independent director as a non-executive person not having any pecuniary relationships or transactions with the company, its promoter, management and associated companies, including that of vendor, auditor or attorney, or family ties with promoter/management, or having substantial shareholding.

--related payout scheme. The Higgs report specifically recommends that it is important that the concerned director is not so dependent on the income from his role so as to prejudice the independence of judgement.

Obviously the Wikimedia worst practices do not lead to such a board.

The CGO will have a strictly independent board of directors that will be legally responsible for what the Publish Wiki broadcasts about companies and products - and which selects or fires the Chief Editor. It will run Consumerium Governance Organization elections.

Any groupthink in this respect is extremely dangerous, as, believing one's own bullshit (see Wikipedia) can destroy any charitable group. Auditors and regulators take commitments to charitable donors very seriously.