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    working on intro text:

    Knowledge can be bought, sold, produced and consumed and is therefore an excellent topic for consumerium. And as soon as you do any of these, you introduce an ethical discourse.
    Certainly so, as buying criteria are ultimately expressions of moral order - you care MORE about keeping your cash to spend on your kids education or MORE about not destroying rainforests, or whatever. Many tradeoffs are made and they depend on your trust in researcher input, i.e. Research Wiki.
    Trolls are the free-market purveyors of knowledge. They do not define knowledge however.
    The free-market thing reminds trolls of the bet controversy before; They don't "define" knowledge, they DENY IT EXISTS except as a delusion of the sysop power structure, that is, nothing is actually "known" except in some body context, and a sysop is no body and seeks to reduce the troll also to that status.
    Remember trolls employ gnawing as ALTERNATIVE to knowing...

    Also what is knowledge's relationship to stupidity? To common sense? Knowing's relation to being? to unthought? ontology? but most importantly to action of some body moving through the real world.

    Economically, isn't knowledge instructional capital in the context of some individual capital body ? is social capital involved or is trust something different from knowledge?

    Inquiring trolls want to know... or rather... gnaw...