Extreme standards

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    Consumerium Services should meet extreme standards criteria in their internal operations, including:

    Consider also scorched earth-capable units, which destroy themselves upon unauthorized access, e.g. sysop vandalism which destroys articles that trolls care about, simply to demonstrate that the sysop power structure itself does not care about the articles, and will damage them, and the wiki mission, simply to anger and discourage those who actually do care, and try to discourage their participation entirely. Such tactics are part of extreme standards in military and other settings, but in the peace and nonviolence oriented setting of Consumerium Services it would be wiser to pursue more troll-friendly strategies and do extreme testing of potential Research Wiki sources, such as Wikinfo, Wikipedia and Disinfopedia. This may help test to destruction the sysop power structure which is doing such damage to the GFDL corpus.