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See Timeline of Consumerium for the "real" historical timeline

Fall 2003 worked out all basic concepts unique to Consumerium, and in Winter 2004, we started recruiting Consumerium developers to kick tires and work out more details; first drafts of Consumerium License might appear as soon as April.

Progress as of March 15, 2004 includes MediaWiki modifications requested, and a start at sketching Consumerium Process and four user interfaces (full web, worn web, print, audio/headset) for delivering Consumerium buying signal; other Consumerium Service access outlined and some business strategy potential, e.g. friendly retail, etc.. Good division of function. By end of March, should be able to start building the Consumerium:intermediate pages and clearly separating the "three wikis".

Spring 2004 could be devoted to seeking publicity and help kick starting self-funding, get Consumerium Governance Organization in place

April should be devoted to getting more participation in each of the three: some users doing lookup, of some pages probably imported via XML and updated, with some development work going on to see if all the standards can be met.
May would be a good time to set up the CGO
June is the last chance before summer to seek funding, maybe from orgs like Adbusters that are trying to do this but whose Greenscan has stalled;

Summer 2004 - first beta testers can test the Consumerium buying signal in a variety of settings

worn web is cut down full web, and print could work by then too

Fall 2004 - try for deployment on retail shelf somewhere? Find some friendly retailers to actually do some discussions with, proposals to?

(Consumerium Prediction Market may help keep timelines realistic.)
Also, Trolls bet one Euro that none of the MediaWiki modifications will be made by end of May 2004.