Consumerium Governance Organization election

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A Consumerium Governance Organization election under the supervision of an independent board would potentially elect parties to the following roles that require extreme judgement:

Certain people would be disqualified from this role including the incumbent and probably his most frequent protagonists. Time has come to start fresher.
Probably no Americans, British, Canadians or Australians should take this role initially, as those countries are most prone to EPOV and technological escalation.
This may need to be an attorney, one in each country and selected by the CGO for that country.
This might be a useful role for certain trolls who work quietly to make sure Wikinfo doesn't have the problems Wikipedia has become famous for.
  • spokespeople in each country to defend charitable status for services that are almost certain to heavily offend at least someone in any given country.
This will require extensive civil society contacts and probably some pull with bureaucrats.

Exact procedures for such elections will have to be clear of Wikimedia corruption problems, and so should not take place via Mediawiki facilities, and no one who holds sysop status on any Mediawiki should be able to run or vote. If anything there should be systemic bias towards non-users of large public wikis to ensure that people approach these issues with a clear mind and no history of believing lies frothed forth by the lying liars who tell them.