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Chief Editor of Publish Wiki takes full formal legal responsibility for the Consumerium buying signal in each country including acting as copyright infringement agent and ensuring GFDL or other sharealike (e.g. GetWiki's CC-by-nc-sa) license compliance required to ensure that smooth operations continue.

He or she answers in particular to libel chill or perjufy with cease and desist letters sent in by nice companies that are just trying to help us tell the truth about them and do brand management better. ;-)

This person is not necessarily actively authoring or editing material - that will be done by ordinary Publish Wiki Editors - but is a specialist in discouraging companies from interfering with Consumerium Services and making it clear that it is definitely a duel to the death if they start to do so:

A typical response might read something like:

"Your company is destroying X and Y and we believe we can prove that in court. We intend to expose you and keep others from buying your product. We do not believe that diluting the trademark or interfering with business are valid claims to make against those exposing people and companies like you, and we have the funds and friends to take this to a constitutional or human rights or international court if necessary. You are best advised to respond via the channels already established in Consumerium Services for issues with the accuracy or relevance of the material that is presented in the Consumerium buying signal."

Because such responses will be controversial and must be written so as to comply (barely) with the law, this Chief Editor may need to be an attorney, one in each country and selected by the CGO for that country.

A Consumerium Governance Organization election may be held for this post, but, it may be better to simply appoint the meanest qualified legal troll we can find: someone who actually enjoys fighting in court and in the press, and has no problem digging up dirt on enemy projects and spreading it all over.

For example, the kind of mean-spirited attack dog who would expose alleged Wikimedia corruption and answer to all the false claims of making false claims in false or unsubstantiated claims of corruption again and again until his enemy is discredited, demoralized and destroyed. That's the kind of person we need as the Chief Editor!