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    Is this sort of thing really justified? Most of the redirects were just there to make sure that one could link to a sub-topic clearly without invoking the whole complexity of the main topic, like teleological and spun death threat or there is no cabal, all of which are very specific subconcepts.

    You can use the pipe trick like everyone else does. having quite obscure redirects does is not useful, especially those that were just created out of artistic creativity or for the fun of making RC do fun things in the fashion of "Don't think of an gray elephant." --Juxo 15:42, 24 Jul 2004 (EEST)
    No, the pipe trick is a bad idea. We should always be trying to find the standard phrase that invokes the concept, not encouraging many anchor texts to proliferate each with some damn slant of their own. If a concept is very specific and so common and so recognized by multiple factions, that it would normally get an article of its own, and has to be defined as a specific persistent term, then the redirect is the right way to deal with it. If the concept is unique and specific and common, it deserves its own slot in the name-space, if only to prevent unconnected articles - especially on things like there is no cabal where people can write a lot of nonsense if they don't understand the history. Making what links here work as a way to find all the various perspectives on the topic is also extremely efficient compared to having to look at all the articles to see who was using the damn pipe trick.

    Let's have a Consumerium:Proposed deletions page.

    So I invoke a sock puppet of mine and then agree to deletion as myself? Quite useless and a waste of time. --Juxo 15:42, 24 Jul 2004 (EEST)
    The main point is to require some TIME to think about these things and discuss the underlying conflicts of views and factions advancing them. NOtice trolls did NOT say to NAME the page "Votes for deletion" which is a kangaroo court, just "proposed deletions" to slow down whatever sysop vandalism might happen and provide a chance to fix articles in poor shape.

    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 20:32 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Wikimedia Board of Trustees": biased, erronous, stupid off topic, contained personal insults)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 20:26 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Thoughtcrime": this page used the phrase "Thoughtcrime" in a more confusing then clarifying way ie. way trolled. referring to sysops thinking trolling is a thoughtcrime. weird. archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 20:23 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Thought police": content was: '#REDIRECT thoughtcrime' - no pages linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 20:22 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "There is no cabal": content was: '#REDIRECT Sysop Vandal point of view' - nothing linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 20:21 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Teleological": content was: '#REDIRECT ontology' - no pages linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 20:20 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Spun death threat": content was: '#REDIRECT spun threat' see earlier deletion of this article-name)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 20:17 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Sense Wiki": content was: '#REDIRECT Research Wiki')
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 20:13 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Scanner ring": i really don't believe these things exist yet so i'm deleting it. someone can put it back when they can show some evidence, archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 20:09 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Rebecca Ore": an accomplished and debated troll, off-topic, archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . 142.177.X.X; 20:04 . . Juxo (Talk) (Legendary quote of 142.177.X.Xs' from Propaganda:)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:58 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "No restrictions on field of use": content was: '#REDIRECT Problems_with_free_software_and_open_source_models' - nothing linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:55 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Music to troll by": off-topic, supposed to be entertaining or something, nothing linked here, archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:54 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Microsoft Windows": content was: 'Windows 9x, NT & 2K is a 32 bit extension and a graphical shell for a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit operating system originally coded for a 4 bit micro...')
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:52 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "MediaWiki vote": basically non-substantiated vote rigging accusation(s), archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . M Features; 19:44 . . Juxo (Talk) (Intra-shop -> Intrashop)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:41 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Http": content was: '#REDIRECT HTTP' - no pages linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:40 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Hive Mind": content was: '#REDIRECT biodiversity' - illogical redir)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:38 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Heretic": content was: '#REDIRECT trolling')
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:26 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Freedom to defraud": non-readable, confusing, turning the concept upside down and then rambling about other stuff, archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:24 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Gang of four": content was: 'They see trolls as parasites.')
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:22 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "English Wikipedia User Plato": off-topic)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:21 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "AMECE": content was: 'http://www.amece.org.mx/' this is all recorded in the wikipedia)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:19 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "English Wikipedia User Lir": off-topic)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:09 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "English Wikipedia User Hephaestos": off-topic)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:07 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "English Wikipedia User Bird": off-topic, archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 19:06 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Gus Kouwenhoven": see Rules, was a suggestion to use disinfopedia to look up information)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:55 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Front Page": useless, out of date, no history, archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:53 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Family values": content was: '#REDIRECT moral value' no page linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:51 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Enemy project": content was: '#REDIRECT enemy projects')
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:50 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Enemy projects": was a redirect to AWR. last version by 142.177.X.X archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:47 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Drupal": content was: 'Drupal Content Management System - see http://drupal.org' - some cms)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:45 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Ear of the trolls": content was: '#REDIRECT TrollTing' no pages linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:44 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Dont buy at any price": content was: '#REDIRECT red light' no pages linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:29 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Coca-Cola": content was: 'See Consumerpedia on Coca-Cola')
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:28 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Wikipedia Red Faction": wikipedia politics archived)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:27 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Children of Lir": content was: '#REDIRECT Wikipedia Red Faction')
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:24 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Buy at this price": content was: '#REDIRECT yellow light' no pages linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:23 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Buy at any price": content was: '#REDIRECT green light' nothing linked here)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:22 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "CIUML": content was: '#REDIRECT ConsuML' was a proposed name for a language until someone noticed that googling for this already gives results)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:20 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Book": content was: '#REDIRECT print' double redirect)
    (diff) (hist) . . Consudev:Deletion log; 18:19 . . Juxo (Talk) (deleted "Bluetooth news blog": stale page and now we are betting on NFC much more then Bluetooth because of the convenience and general pleasantness to users)