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    Biodiversity or biological diversity is what conservation efforts seek to preserve: the existing evolved complexity of the natural real world. One definition of ecological wisdom is "what tends to preserve biodiversity."

    See w:biodiversity and the many wise writings of English Wikipedia User Anthere - probably the only holdout against Wikimedia corruption of the GFDL corpus. See urban ecology, cultural diversity and respect for diversity for some implications of a biodiversity-preserving world view.

    The world tree is an ancient symbol of this diversity, being tended and attended by many creatures, none of whom has any control or disposition of it, but all of whom interact with it. Anywhere you look some body is engaged with the world tree. Trolls attend the invisible roots of the world tree. The New Troll point of view is welcomed as bringing new perspectives from the real world, to refresh those of the current attendants, e.g. currently Lowest Troll. Factions are a way of reflecting this psychological diversity which in turn arises from the biological diversity.

    In contrast, the Hive Mind is a modern symbol of bee- or ant-like monoculture, opposing any such diversity, imposing one God's Eye View on all participating bodies. Since it does not control the whole world, the "Mind" itself is an attribute of no body. Sysops, nobodies who seek to become somebodies by worshipping groupthink itself, form this body-less Mind via their false community. The Sysop Vandal point of view is a product of this vile corruption. See echo chamber for the specific conditions that produce a Hive Mind.