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    The Wikipedia Red Faction was disbanded by its creator, English Wikipedia User Plato, and deleted, after Abe Sokolov's attempt to destroy it via a vote for deletion had failed. Upon its disband, Plato was complimented by the fundamentalist Christian English Wikipedia User Jrosenszweig who was evidently pleased that Plato had voluntarily chosen to end the faction - while factions such as his own (whose membership remains unknown, un-self-identified, and possibly nonexistent) remained welcome to attempt to push their POV constantly.

    Abe Sokolov listed it on votes for deletion, which is not supposed to apply to user pages, but no matter - consensus during the VfD vote was to leave the page alone. However this made it clear to Plato that sysop power structure was inalterably opposed to m:factionalism or representative democracy of any kind - despite the fact that a large majority of those who took interest in the page, including half a dozen or so sysops, were against deleting it. For more on this, see an account by English Wikipedia User Richardchilton, detailing EPOV, Fox News point of view, infrastructure owners trust, systemic bias, heroic trolling and technological escalation issues, among others.

    The faction's page was formerly at [1] and listed various current and honorary members. English Wikipedia User Lir openly maintained the Red Faction up to his retirement after his final block in 2008, often asking trolls to join; what this revised anti-cabal does amongst its membership remains unknown. As a banned user, Lir pushed the limits of his ban, seeing himself as the leader of the Resistance against the cabal which had as its greatest goal to punish him.

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