I guess I should say some wise words now on where we go from here after this weeding round, but I'm too tired to do so. Deleted has link to where the latest non-blanked versions of most deleted articles are, but I really wish we could focus on resolving how we are going to make this to work in the real world.

Where's the archive? And which articles are not in it?

A power structure is needed to keep Consumerium from being sued for libel. I know I know, power leads to corruption and egos that get more and more fragile in the face of losing face the more esteemed the person gets. We cannot escape reality in reality, only in fiction and dreams.

So Consumerium Governance Organization needs to exist.

I guess I should not have mentioned this anywhere since you trolls cannot take this as an issue where I know how it feels to hold the keychain without any key to the chain that cuffs it to my wrist. If you would dare to stick to a real life personality online you would maybe understand some of the pressure and annoyance that comes with a role like I and Jimbo share.

Ah, so you are a GodKing now? But you can give it up any time, you have not got a whole sysop power structure worshipping your very poo, and needing this for your self-esteem. Be one of the trolls, maybe even give up the Lowest Troll job to other trolls, and your problems will fade away. The "pressure and annoyance" comes entirely from this demand to know evertyhgin and judge everything.


I'm psyching myself to get back on track and start solving the outstanding practical issues instead of this useless wordplay that we've been engaged in lately. Right now I'm too trigger happy to do anything about this mess called a wiki.

Agreed there is some wordplay but it is carefully selected to make important points quickly to new trolls whose help we need.
The most important thing is to dig through Wantedpages and find all those with non-obvious definitions, that is, anything that one cannot just look up and find accurate meaning of in a google search.
I myself prefer to use which looks up in some 500 dictionaries iirc.--Juxo 00:20, 24 Jul 2004 (EEST)
Well can we add some code like GetWiki's to just fill in blank pages with XML import from OneLook or TrueNames or some other service?
Nope. Incompatible licenses --Juxo 17:23, 29 Jul 2004 (EEST)
Code "like" theirs is easy to write. Just look at theirs, and write new code that works the same, but is not the same. There is no provision in the CC-nc-sa to stop you from trying to reverse engineer code.

It is better to leave open those pages with obvious meanings, so that we can find a way to figure out what they mean in context from their references later. It is also fine to leave Proper Names or companies and people open so that they can eventually be directed to acceptable commentary about them. A few theory terms like respect for diversity and wiki mission are so wide open they should be defined more by osmosis, and we should wait as long as we can to do so - preferably using examples from elsewhere.

But some specialized or sensitive terms are used, e.g. standard label terms like "prison labour", or internal Consumerium process terms like "production process" or "veto" or "product recognition" THAT WE WILL HAVE TO DEFINE EXACTLY FOR PURPOSES OF ALL Consumerium Services, or some technical/legal terms like "mod rewrite" or "Invariant Section". These all should be defined rather exactly so that we can figure out where they apply in the overall Consumerium buying signal and healthy buying infrastructure. We are too much about structure so far, and not enough about process.


Hey, how about controllism?