Wiki mission

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    The wiki mission is the advertised purpose of a large public wiki. For instance Disinfopedia's mission is to create "an encyclopedia of people, issues and groups shaping the public agenda". With this simple phrase it becomes relatively clear what the project is and is not doing.

    Sometimes, unwisely, a wiki ideology becomes overly dominant and confuses or distracts from the mission. This usually indicates a clique has taken over and perhaps usurper priorities contrary to the mission dominate. It may also indicate simple groupthink about what the mission is and how it is best performed, best countered by the New Troll point of view.

    Consumerium, itself has several such mission statements that you can investigate at that page, finding statements like Consumerium is for..., Consumerium does..., Consumerium wants..., Consumerium needs..., in fact, any statement where Consumerium appears as a subject and not as an object should be linked back to Consumerium:Itself. Similarly any statement of common mission or purpose by its users should be linked to Consumerium:We so it is clear what is being claimed, and what Consumerium is not can be updated.