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    Please note: This article is deprecated in favor of a new design thus the contents are not coherent with current plans. Here are some proposed software components that form the cornerstones of Consudev:

    Current plans[edit | edit source]

    Old plans[edit | edit source]

    Software[edit | edit source]

    Sorry, no downloadables yet.

    Now the real question what is the function/responsibility of each cornerstone, and how do they interrelate. There are preliminary plans also in The Planned Features Page on what goes where.

    Content Wiki[edit | edit source]

    • Interface and storage of Facts in Wikicode

    Opinion Wiki[edit | edit source]

    Implements most of the functions of The Consumerium Exchange - Interface, storage, archiving and valuation of popularity for Opinions in Wiki code and ConsuML

    The Consumerium Vault[edit | edit source]

    • Certification Authority
    • Verification, Authentication, Audit, Storage and Interface to ConsuML information (except for the information handled by TCE)
    • Interfaces with XML datasources like GEPIR
    • Information in TCE and Content wiki is matched according to backend information

    Delivery Engine[edit | edit source]

    • Fetches, delievers (and caches when applicable) Advertisement Videos and Informational Videos and keeps track of views for billing purposes
    • Merges and delievers information from The Content Wiki, The Consumerium Exchange and The Consumerium Vault + sensitive price data from Point-of-Sale systems and performs formatting, selection and transformation according to the preferences of the consumer
    • Provides OCR services to the consumers, for point-and-click access to information about products

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