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    The motivation why we need this kind of system remains the same. Many of the features have been implemented by others. There is still much to be done.
    mw:MediaWiki software has been developed very actively for over 20 yrs and it is vastly more powerful in its capabilities now. It's capabilities can be expanded with MediaWiki/extensions, but one needs to choose carefully and wisely as some permutations of extensions do not work together and some extensions may be difficult to remove after having been installed.

    So, the Consumerium development wiki turns 20 on Friday 2023-02-24 Fri Feb 24 2023 00:52:00 GMT +0000.[misc 1] and the motivation for Consumerium remains the same.

    Many of the planned features have already been implemented as services by both profit-maximizing and non-profit-seeking entities during these past 20 years.

    PLANNING for the future

    • Knowledge graphs consisting of linked data are a complicated field, but necessary for realizing the Consumerium goals
    • kuluttajistow:Etusivu - a distinct Finnish language wiki at the domain
    • w:Solid (web decentralization project) seems very aligned in what it is trying to do and will probably succeed. Give the ownership of the data to the people and make the corporations play nice that way.

    Needs freshening up

    • The features should be updated to as of now and to include what existing services implement some feature, or even better, what friendly data source provides the data with a licensing setup that we can work with.
    • The MediaWiki/extensions was an attempt at going through all the extensions and scribing up the potential ones. I did this in 2012, so 10 yrs ago and revisiting these extensions would be useful and educating


    Uncontested facts: Today is Monday 22 July 2024 and it is week #30.

    The wiki has 4,272 pages out of which 1,173 are articles with 51,031 edits, but would be structured differently if all the technological means and savoir faire of now would have been available when we started out with a handful of friends.

    There are 36 uploaded files but through mw:Manual:$wgUseInstantCommons many more pictures are available to be used.

    There are 68,093 registered users, which is bit of a problem, because over 64k of those are bot registered accounts from back in the day

    There are 4 admins. You know who you are.

    Today the wiki is running on mw:MediaWiki 1.39.8 (82071fb) that should be upgraded to the latest LTS 1.39.

    The top 20 articles in the main namespace measured by the number of visits for the year 2022 have been the following:

    1. Lists of review aggregators and review sites
    2. Unequal power relationship
    3. Main Page
    4. Individual bias
    5. Lists of price comparison services
    6. Lists of alternative financial services
    7. Consumer terminal
    8. Political dispute
    9. Subject-object problem
    10. Ontological warfare
    11. Price premium
    12. Trollism
    13. Contested term
    14. Lists of shared and alternative transport and traveler routers
    15. Systematic bias
    16. Ecological lens
    17. Humptydumptyism
    18. Develop Wiki
    19. Knowledge graphs
    20. Intrawiki link


    “It is perfectly true, as the philosophers say, that life must be understood backwards. But they forget the other proposition, that it must be lived forwards.”

    See Timeline of Consumerium for info on what has happened during these years that has been significant for the development effort.

    Goals and means of Consumerium is the oldest mission statement document of the effort from ca. 2001-2002.

    User:Jukeboksi/log/All Consumerium logs in one may also be useful viewing, at least for me, the Lowest Troll

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    Thank yous for tech

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    1. UNIX timestamp for 20 yrs party is 1677199920