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This is the Consumerium by country alphabetical list of comparison shopping websites, price comparison services or price aggregators.

These are metasearch engines for prices. Many of these services are sites combining price comparison with discovery shopping and review aggregators.

It is clear that the price aggregators will continue to define the price leader and it's level in goods that are traded over the internet. We hope that people will be willing to throw in a few extra £€$ for their purchase to support a mom-'n-pop's style brick-'n-mortar more ethical SMEs over huge transnational corporations. In the digital way of doing commerce even a small operation can have a catalogue of 1,000's or even 10,000's of items to compete with the big businesses catalogue-wise and if their price is competitive then that will help drive business their way.

Please remember this especially when writing to review sites and why not even in when deciding where to buy




Global books price comparison services[edit]

Global flight price comparison services[edit]

Localized to many languages. Cheap prices.
  • Hipmunk (.com) is an air ticket fare finder with graphical representation of timetables for the flights. Reasonable prices, though not rock bottom but very convenient way to receive flight information.
  • Hopper (.com) is a crowd sourced fare deal finder that colour codes price levels over time. Hopper can show 5-6 months of air fare prices in one display to help you find the right moment to book and to travel. Requires you to pick specific airports to mak query. Has app for Android and iOS
  • JetRadar (.com) is a travel search engine that allows users to compare airline prices and offers, specializing in low cost airfare. Searches SkyScanner, TripAdvisor, KAYAK and
  • Liligo (.com) is a French flight price comparison service - also available in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, Romanian and Portuguese. Android and iOS app available. Searches Bravofly and Ebookers and optionally Opodo, Expedia and Air France
  • Passportpremiere (.com) is a subscription based site for international business & first class travel. Site uses analytics to determine if current pricing is fairly valued or if lower fares are expected by deferring the purchase. Premiere reviews the 12 month low and demand patterns when performing its analysis. If lowest pricing is expected, members use FARE MONITOR capturing lower fares when fare change happens.
  • Skypicker (.com) is a flight search engine that allows users to find and to book plane tickets. Skypicker also shows convenient map with lowest prices indicated for each visible destination - Extremely cheap flights for random days
  • Skyscanner (.net) searches 1,000+ airlines for best deals. Available in 30+ languages. You may depart or arrive to precise city or any city in the country with skyscanner.
  • Tripdelta (.com) offers oneway, roundtrip and multistop flight searches. Good prices.
  • - searches low cost airlines - booking on other booking sites. Does not show prices very well. - Extremely cheap flights for random days

Global hotel price comparison services[edit]

  • - meta search engine for hotel accomondation. Scans 250+ hotel booking sites for best rate on given hotel. Android and iOS app available.
  • Hotel Tonight (.com) is a mobile travel app for Android, iOS and Windows phone that lets you seek discounted hotel accomondation in the Americas, Europe and Australia.
  • - meta search engine for hotel accomondation. Avalable in Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Italian
  • (.com) by Expedia Inc - meta search engine for hotel accomondation available in most languages of the world
  • HotelsCombined (.com) is a hotel metasearch engine in over 40 languages and 120 currencies
  • Prontohotel (.com) is a free hotel travel metasearch engine
  • ThinkHotels (.com) is a British online hotel booking portal, registered with British Hospitality Association.
  • trivago (.com) - meta search engine for hotel accomondation. Scans 130+ hotel booking sites for best rate on given hotel.

Global flight, hotel and car price comparison services[edit]

  • Dohop (.com) flights, hotels and cars. No rock bottom prices but very tunable search parameters. No graphical display. Available in most languages.
  • - search for flights, rooms, cars, cruises and deals. Good sort-by options and controls. No graphical display. Android and iOS app available.
  • Expedia (.com) flights, hotels, bundles, cars, cruises and activities. Android and iOS app available.
  • FareCompare (.com) flights, hotels and deals. Clunky and impractical: requires user to tick sites to search and then actually opens those in new windows. Did find a 90€ HKI-PAR deal on the lufthansa site though when others are showing 200+€. Searches Finnair, Momondo, Travel Market, Expedia, CheapOair and Jetcost
  • Kayak (.com) - flights, hotels, and cars. Available in over 20 languages. Has monthly display showing crowdsourced from search results latest lowest found prices.
  • Lastminute (.com) is an online travel and leisure retailer offering flights, hotels, eurostar, theatre, holidays, spa, gifts and restaurants
  • Mobissimo (.com) - Broken as of July 2018 - Clunky: Opens in new windows the searches to other sites instead of properly aggregating results in single system. Compare prices on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Available in English, French, German, Iltalian, Polish, Spanish, Indian, Japanese. Searches FlightNetwork, Expedia, Ebookers, TripAdvisor and Orbitz.
  • Momondo (.com) is a travel metasearch engine that enables users to find and compare prices on airplane tickets, hotels, cars and travel deals.
  • Opodo (.com) is an Internet travel agency website offering flights, rooms and cars. Android and iOS app available.
  • Orbitz (.com) is a web site used to research, plan and book travel by Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. Search for hotels, flights, packages, cars, cruises, deals and activities.
  • StudentUniverse (.com) is the world’s leading travel booking site for students and youth.
  • Travelocity (.com) offers hotels, flights, cars, cruises, packages, things to do and travel deals
  • offers comprehensive search for travel and packages
  • TripAdvisor (.com) reviews, prices and booking
  • Webjet ( is a travel booking website offering flights, hotels, holiday packages, cruises, car hire, travel insurance and travel deals. The company has operations in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Wego (.com) is a w:travel search engine based in Singapore. It operates 52 CcTLD in over 30 languages, and converts prices to 42 currencies. It searches over 700 travel sites, where users compare and book flights, hotels and activities. has an app for Android, iOS and Amazon.

Global car rental searches[edit]

Global multimodal and single mode travel price comparison services and traveler routers[edit]

Main article: Lists of shared and alternative transport and traveler routers.

  • Rome2rio (.com) is a worldwide multimodal traveler router that displays realistic prices. The prices it gives are slightly inflated from what you would as a local expect to get it for but they are hitting the mark on what a tourist will pay for booked-on-the-go ticket. No direct booking.
  • GoEuro (.com) - by the GoEuro Corporation is a travel metasearch engine which allows users to compare the price and journey time of air, rail and bus travel options in a single search. ( Wikipedia )
  • Original traveler router "Reiseauskunft" ( is an Europe-wide multi-modal mass transit traveler router by Deutsche Bahn with ability to purchase tickets for travel within Germany.
Rest of the world: by SNCF-Voyage - purchace railway tickets for many european operators in nearly all languages and all currencies

The following don't show prices but are useful to be listed here as well:

Money transfer services comparison[edit]

Global wine price comparison services[edit]

Shopping services by traditional search engines[edit]

Africa and Middle East[edit]

  • HolidayMe (.com) is an online holiday booking website based in Dubai, UAE, catering to the Middle East audience.
  • Qarin (.com)] is a (BROKEN as of 2018-07-15) price comparison service intended for MENA

African travel[edit]

  • Travelstart ( is one of Africa’s largest online travel booking websites offering flights, hotel bookings, car rental, vacation packages and other travel services through telephone travel agents. As of July 2014, Travelstart operates in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Turkey where it trades as Geziko ( Wikipedia )

Travel price comparison services in South Africa[edit]

  • BusTicket ( is a search tool created to help travelers to plan a bus travel. Find all South African bus companies, timetables and ticket fares.




Saudi Arabia[edit]



China / 中国的[edit]

  • eLong (.net) is a Chinese travel agency and price search

Hong Kong[edit]

India / भारत[edit]


Japan / 日本[edit]








Australia and Oceania[edit]


Webshop goods price comparison services in Australia[edit]

Travel price comparison services in Australia[edit]

Financial services price comparison services in Australia[edit]

Fuel price comparisons in Australia[edit]

Services finders[edit]

Utilities and fuel price comparison services in Australia[edit]

New Zealand[edit]

Financial services price comparison services[edit]


Austria / Österreich[edit]

Preisvergleichsportal im Osterreich[edit]

Finanz, Strom, Gas, DSL, Handy Preisvergleichsportal im Osterreich[edit]

Belgium / Belgique[edit]

Comparateurs de prix pour la Belgique[edit]

Comparateurs de prix de carburant pour la Belgique[edit]

Czech Republic[edit]

Cyprus / Κύπρος[edit]

  • ( - The price comparison engine of Cyprus | Η μηχανή σύγκρισης τιμών της Κύπρου

Denmark / Dansk[edit]

Finland / Suomi[edit]

Tämä on Kuluttajisto (Consumerium) kuluttajien voimaannuttamishankkeen toimialoittain aakkosellinen lista Suomessa relevanteista hintaseurantapalveluista.

  • Lista vertaislainapalveluista Suomessa - lainaa vertaisilta vertaisille. Mahtava esim. pikavippihelvetistä ulospääsemiseen ja miksei myös PK-yrityksen pienlainaukseen. Pankille nollan prosentin siivu.

Car price comparison services in Finland[edit]

Autojen hintaseuranta

  • tracking car prices over time. Great for getting the ballpark on price of used cars in Finland. Käytettyjen autojen hintaseurantapalvelu. Näppärä käytetyn auton pyyntöhintojen vilkaisulla näyttävä työkalu.

List of loan comparators in Finland[edit]

Price comparison services for electronics and other goods sold in webshops in Finland[edit]

Hintaseurantapalvelut elektroniikalle ja muille webshopeissa myytäville tuotteille Suomessa.

Price comparison services for items sold in supermarkets[edit]

Hintaseurantapalavelut päivittäistavaroille Suomessa.

  • covers 34 convenience store and electronic(s) stores and will give you price based on search term and area.

Travel price comparison services in Finland[edit]

Matkustushintaseurantapalvelut Suomessa

Gasoline and other fuel price comparison services in Finland[edit]

Real estate broker price comparison services in Finland[edit]

  • free service to compare real estate brokers' commissions and other costs for selling property and renting property. You can also request tenders for real estate broker services via this service.


Ce-ci est la liste des Comparateurs de prix par Consumerium le mouvement d'autonomisation des consomateurs.

Comparateurs de prix pour les livres en français[edit]

  • AbeBooks (.fr) is an online marketplace for books - Comparer la prix des livres

Comparateurs de prix de carburant[edit]

w:fr:Comparateur de prix de carburant

Comparateurs de prix des vols et voyages en français[edit]

Comparateus de prix en français[edit]

Germany / Deutschland[edit]

Ein Preisvergleichsportal ist eine Website, auf der Verbraucher zu einem gesuchten Produkt mehrere Onlineshops auf einer Seite finden, um deren Preis zu vergleichen. ( Wikipedia)


Preisvergleichsportal für Apothekenpreise[edit]

Kontaktlinsen-Preisvergleich & Brillen[edit]

Preisvergleichsportal für Blumen[edit]

Preisvergleichsportal für Bucher, Musik und Film[edit]

Preisvergleichsportal für Flüge und Reise[edit]

Preisvergleichsportal für Bilder[edit]

Preisvergleichsportal für Wein[edit]

Preisvergleichsportal im Deutschland[edit]

Finanz, Strom, Gas, DSL, Handy Preisvergleichsportal im Deutschland[edit]

Greece / Ελλάδα[edit]

Ireland / Eire[edit]

  • by Bonkers Money Ltd - compare digital tv, broadband & home phone, credit cards, prepaid money cards, gas & electricity prices, personal loans, mortgages, savings accounts, and current accounts.

Italy / Italia[edit]

Netherlands / Nederlands[edit]

Norway / Norge[edit]

Poland / Polska[edit]

Russia / Россия[edit]


Spain / España[edit]

Sitios de comparación de precios

Loan comparators in Spain[edit]

  • Compare short term credits and loans - Compare los créditos a corto plazo y los préstamos

Sweden / Sverige[edit]

Prisjämförelsetjänst är en typ av webbplats som gör det möjligt för en köpare att jämföra priser på en vara eller en tjänst hos olika leverantörer. ( Wikipedia )

List of financial services comparators in Sweden[edit]



UK consumer goods price comparison services[edit]

UK books, DVDs, games and CDs price comparison services[edit]

UK car service and garage price comparison services[edit]

  • by The Motorists' Organisation - find car repair and servicing services by entering you licence plate number and postcode

UK contact lens price comparison services[edit]

UK digital services price comparison services[edit]

UK financial services price comparison services[edit]

UK fragrances price comparison services[edit]

UK utilities price comparison services[edit]

  • - An award winning energy price comparison site which displays complex search results graphically
  • Gocompare (.com)compare insurance, utilities and more
  • ( insurance, energy, utilities and more
  • HappyDuck ( - The price comparison website for gas and electricity
  • UK Power ( - compare all energy providers in the UK
  • uSwitch (.com) - The site handles gas, electricity, water, home telephone, broadband, digital television, mobile phones, personal finance products, heating cover and car insurance, with a number of new markets in the pipeline.

UK mobile phone price comparison services[edit]

UK travel price comparison services[edit]

UK wine price comparison services[edit]

UK bargain finders[edit]

UK DIY and renovation price comparison services[edit]

Magazine price comparison services[edit]

North America[edit]


Canadian consumer goods price comparison services[edit]

List of financial services comparators in Canada[edit]

Canadian travel price comparison services[edit]

Gas price services in Canada[edit]


US consumer goods price comparison services and meta sites[edit]

Books, DVDs and CDs price comparison services in USA[edit]

Cannabis price comparison services in USA[edit]

Health service search engines in USA[edit]

US mobile phone price comparison services[edit]

  • MyRatePlan (.com) is a mobile phone, phone service, and credit card comparison website owned and operated by Wind N Sea Technology Partners, LLC

US travel price comparison services[edit]

  • Gotobus (.com) by IvyMedia Corporation specializes in coach and bus travel. Also hotels, deals and experiences
  • Cheapflights (.com)] flights by Momondo Group formerly Cheapflights Media Ltd
  • - flights
  • Priceline (.com) is an American website that helps users obtain discount rates for travel-related purchases such as flights, hotel stays, cars, vacation packages, cruises and more.
  • Wanderu (.com) is a ground travel meta-search website that helps travelers find and book inter-city bus and train travel in North America.
  • is a bus travel site that helps passengers to search bus ticket. Travelers can compare information as bus schedules, ticket fares, and stations.

US car prices[edit]

US contact lens price comparison services[edit]

Financial services price comparison services in US[edit]

US fuel price comparison services[edit]

Real estate price trackers in the US[edit]

US event ticket finders[edit]

US electronic parts finders[edit]

US deal finders[edit]

US perfume price comparison sites[edit]

US diamond finder sites[edit]


  • [w:Wanderu|Wanderu]] (.com) is a ground travel meta-search website that helps travelers find and book inter-city bus and train travel in North America.
  • is a bus travel site that helps passengers to search bus ticket in Mexico and USA. Travelers can compare information as bus schedules, ticket fares, and stations.

South America[edit]


Brasil / Brazil[edit]





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