Anti-authoritarianism in practice

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Anti-authoritarianism in practice typically looks like crime to those who support authority. A trivial example is troll-sysop struggles which are characterized as criminal by sysop power structure even though most trolls are harmless. Serious anti-authority action may follow lines like this, first published as how to organize an anarchist group at the old Recyclopedia which was apparently run by a mole for authority who hated it:

How to organize an anarchist group


how to explain what you're doing

How Four Pillars (of Green Parties, peace movement, ecology movement, altermondialistes) can help explain what you're doing and why:

How situationiste and absurdist tactics can help, e.g. with distraction, mass media attention. How situated ethics applies, and can keep you unified even in difficult situations, i.e. solidarity.

what not to do

when to break up



society and what's going on

See also Black bloc:bibliography for the above and quite a few more. Some overlap with Green:bibliography, especially for nonviolent anarchism.