Troll-sysop struggle

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    Simply put, troll-sysop struggle is the conflict between New Troll point of view and Sysop Vandal point of view that generates most wiki management "problems". It could be seen as a form of class struggle with sysops as bourgeois, trolls as the w:lumpen proletariat and the more organized factions as a w:vanguard party.

    The struggle typically evolves as follows:

    Cases of simple vandalism "justify" the creation of a police force of sysops. These are trusted to simply identify and block IP of vandals.

    However, the sysops then exercise their assumed God's Eye View to create or define their political opponents of various factions as "trolls". By attaching stigma to that term they hope to suppress the dissident politics. Some troll organizations or just wise individuals make troll-friendly offers, e.g. to restore troll text as a form of resistance to sysop vandalism. When challenged, troll-friendlies justify this resistance, and if they remain troll-friendly, the sysop power structure will actively attempt to censor the troll-supportive material they cite by such unfair means as ad hominem delete and even by libel.

    This necessarily creates even more power struggles as sysops use their powers of blocking, deletion and spying to obscure or delete all of the theoretical gnawlij that would help others realize that there is nothing special about the Sysop Vandal point of view and no reason to let a GodKing or priestly hierarchy determine the discourse on any wiki.

    The text liberation, e.g. of GFDL corpus via GetWiki etc., then proceeds when everyone realizes infrastructure owners trust is not needed, and that to anarchize the whole distribution of texts, e.g. GFDL corpus access providers, would simply solve all the sysop vandalism/terror problems.