Due process

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    Due process is a legal term referring to a process that is evenly applied to all participants, with a clear and uniform standard of evidence that does not favour power structure insiders over outsiders, and which has the formal power and support of the enforcers, e.g. sysop power structure, cops.

    When no due process exists, there is usually said to be no justice, no democracy, and no rights. These things are all thought in Western philosophy to proceed directly from due process.

    Usually, due process includes and is served by an adversarial process where parties present their cases in a neutral form and stick to the facts. See 142.X.X.X/Tim_Starling for one such adversarial presentation, which speaks to the need for faction structure and strict control over the developers whose power can overrule even the sysop power structure and corrupt wiki management such as that which has already ruined Wikimedia.

    The Content Wiki will have more need for such a process than Opinion Wiki, since its content directly alters the consumerium buying signal. However, even for opinions, there is a need for a significantly higher degree of due process than is applied in most large public wikis. Failure to put it in place leads to usurper activity, framer tactics, and eventually cease and desist letters that there is no clear paper trail to answer.

    All of this will collapse Consumerium Services in a hurry, so a clearly-documented accountable trail that shows how things alter the buying signal is critical. Probably it will not be complete and rigorous until there is a fully Transparent Consumerium.