What we are supposed to be doing and in what order

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    To achieve our goal, we must:

    1. Design markup to describe mostly non-abstract things about Production processes, distribution processes, waste disposal and stuff related to it, concentrating mostly on the unambiguous things for pragmatic reasons (avoidance of disinformation).
    2. Get some wise people to lay down instructional capital that all parties can accept, that defines on what grounds each type of information is input, audited, linked, shared, duplicated, edited, contested, vetoed and removed and by whom. Grow a Consumerium Governance Organisation to keep these policies updated and fair to all, and avoid faction fighting affecting these in unpredictable ways (do we need elections for the board?)
    3. get a persuasion technology for those who don't agree that fairness can ever be achieved.
    4. Develop software that allows us to maintain integrity of the instructional capital,Current and Historical Data without being encumbered by the work and provide all parties with suitable UI for their role. Choose licenses for each of these things at discretion of Consumerium Governance Organisation, and ensure software release under clear license terms.
    5. Acquire financial capital (funds, cashflow) for routine operations and individual capital (talent) to aid deployment and maintenance. Recruiting board members who can do these things effectively without losing the support and group integrity of the contributors and factions.
    6. retain social capital (trust, relationships, connections) of all factions as we try to achieve consensus on standards above. No faction can feel so excluded that they go off to "start their own". Merging and co-branding various parts of the system with major NGOs doing similar projects under similar licenses (see interesing projects).