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    Please don't start Consumerium:Conspiracy theories, cause i'd surely have to spend a long time filling in the "142.177.X.X is actually an troll unidentity of one of the Wikipedia sysops."-part.

    No comment on any motives of any troll. That is policy of all good trolls. We don't pretend to know each other's motivations, or care, we only defend each other on procedural grounds. To assume we are all of one mind or set of values is wrong. Our only values in common are those that guarantee that the planet and life itself gets a voice, through us. If Mother Earth were to edit a wiki she would surely be contributing via an anonymous IP number, do you not think?


    I have to recuperate for a little while more. Please don't flame this wiki totally over this "Right to Troll vs. Right to Delete non-sense offhandedly"-thing. <- That of course pisses you both off. heh. We have to balance in between anarchy and oligarchy (autocracy is out of question, like i don't wanna be it and neither do you, mmkay?), that's been apparent for a long time but how? Now that is a qustion.

    Yes, it is apparent. What is also apparent is that both Wikipedia and Disinfopedia provide the worst possible examples of autocracy justifying oligarchy. Neither example can be followed to actually achieve "the truth" - it appears quite likely that Disinfopedia will just become a Democratic Party propaganda machine, while Wikipedia seems to now be a Republican Party or at least military industrial complex propaganda machine. Both of these ought now to be called enemy projects and not essential projects. There was a chance to fix them in 2003. They were not fixed. Now it is time to work on democratize or destroy efforts there. But there can be a truce line drawn and Consumerium can become the project where all the wiser "refugees" come to, drastically expanding participation, if you are careful to recruit those who see the way Disinfopedia and Wikipedia have gone wrong, and NOT those who have been MAKING Disinfopedia and Wikipedia go wrong. That is all up to you as the sysop.
    The exclusion of Angela is however a pre-requisite for troll participation. Let her go over to Disinfopedia with her friends, where she (as a creator of propaganda and echo chamber participant) belongs. That is her style - the sysop power structure over there is simply autocratic, period, and that seems to be what she responds to. Do not try to change her into anything useful to this project - she isn't.


    Maybe it's time to check out ECCnet (Canada), UCCnet (US), UDEX (UK, France) and AMECE (Mexico) as well as SINFOS (Germany, Austria, Netherland, Spain, Finland), EANnet Australia (Surprise yourself.) I assume therefore I exist?

    Hmmm. Interesting new technology for a change. I just got the news (only 2 days old, yippee) that Near Field Communication Technology jointly developed by Sony and Phillips has been approved as an ISO/IEC standard.

    Essential specs:

    • Maximum working distance: 10cm
    • Speed: 106kbps, 212kbps or 424kbps

    This could be very useful in product identification if embedded into shelves and mobile phones.


    Mostly hanging at Wiktionary and doing some random browsing for a change.

    Awww. This wiki is a total mess when it comes to navigation. i guess I have to focus on making all the essential articles accessible from the Main page with max. two clicks... or something. Anyway even I have sorta trouble finding where everything is so I can only begin to imagine how messy this must seem to a newbie.


    There's only some 600 words in that need definitions and translations to some 40 or so languages so please pitch in.

    I read todays newspaper. Damn, that was a laugh. Ok now to the serious stuff for a change, there was some real news too. In EU there is a fairly new directive that requires producers to take responsibility for recycling E-waste effective 2005. I'll write more on this later.

    Today is my day off so I'll just do some offhand translations in Wiktionary today.

    Sent mail to Dr. Karl Otto Schallaböck of Wuppertal Institute about User:Juxo/Bluetooth Car. He has been invited to support the secretariat of the UNFCCC and I think he is a senior researcher at the Institute leading the transportation group. I hope he can make an impact because we need Bluetooth cars as soon as possible.


    *Juxo very happy, Juxo got a job*