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    Where is everybody? I have to draw the conclusion that all the trolls have sneaked off to the beach.

    24.7.2003 is under GPL now. This has upsides and downsides and sides that have not yet appearred to me


    • Makes forking easier
    • Makes development work more susceptible to chaotic phenomenon. I suppose it's perfectly legal to modify the schema outside of the project CVS and still mark it xmlns="", though this I consider to be extremely bad behaviour and can be counter-measured by checking for xsi:schemaLocation=" ..."


    • Makes forking easier
    • Makes development work more dynamic: If some party wants a new feature they can modify the schema to accomondate the new feature and build demo software and that way if their addition makes sense it'll likely be integrated into Consumerium
    • If Consumerium fails to realize it's goals maybe some other project can benefit from our work

    21.7.2003 !!!


    It's too hot to work today, but tomorrow (monday) I'll kick my butt to get things moving for a change. Thanks to the folks at finnkino for eradicating the obsolete sound system, it is _much_ better now. Thanks to T for providing the way out, I'll do just that.... tomorrow. Now I'm off to have a couple of beers with friends.


    I'm in Helsinki for a change and I managed to get IP-masquerading to work on the machine that's sitting here where I lodge, so I have a decent connection (most of the time) now and I get the feeling that my system is healthier then it's been in a long time.... perhaps it's that newest security upgrade. I don't know, but this feels, looks and sounds better then in a loooong time, just like the lovely dolby digital that's replaced the obsolete thx in theatres here in helsinki. I should get myself sorted now that my machine seems to have ceased to fuck my brain up so totally.


    I've reinstalled my system and all I can do is to hope that it starts cooperating now.


    My system is so not working as it should, which slows me down since I don't trust this machine anymore it is hard for me to think about computer related things without get brought down by the fact that once again I have a machine that just doesn't act properly. I think I'll slowdown to sleep now.


    I bought some great dutch fair trade, organic coffee but forgot to get the tinfoil i need for my hat...


    Gotta run some errands today. I talked with a friend of mine about the security problems facing the system if it ever gets built and we came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as security when it comes to computers... but if it turns out that there is this should come close Single floppy bootable Linux with some nice features like using the numlock key to morse code encrypted messages out in case you think the display hardware is compromised and gpggrid to counter the keystrokeloggers.

    Oh. It's so quiet. I suspect our usual trolls are off to the beach. I should study the SA8000 and write an article on it. I should propably put it in Wikipedia, since it's not consumerium specific. There is some info on SA8000 in w:Moral purchasing.


    Feeling tired today. I just finished and sent a job application. I hope I get the job, because it sounded like a nice job and I have zero income at the moment and my money is running out fast and the job is _NOT_ in Turku. I'm gonna relax by doing some wiktionary now. no-life? me? ;)


    Back on ADSL, but gotta run some errands for a few days. But I'll post an exciting link I got from a newspaper in Helsinki. According to DNV SA8000 was developed by nonprofit foundation by the name of Council on Economic Priorities (CEP), but this organisation doesn't like seem to exist anymore. strange.


    On the road again, so working is kinda slow due to the slow connection, but something is still slowly happening. I just posted the wikified Consumerium ry luonnos, which is in Finnish. It's a draft for rules of the Consumerium Association of Finland. Don't freak out now. I'm not planning to make this association the CGO, it'll just join the CGO as a national member when the CGO gets formed.

    People are going on and on about how this is wiki is being governed, when there are more important issues to solve, like licenses and instructional capital for "who gets to say what about who on what grounds". Governance by ice cream and shadow governace by biting in the leg is the style that's worked out quite well so far.