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Putting all external links in proper interwiki link standard form is the first step to supporting it in software directly.

May I point your attention to what I wrote in Talk:Interwiki link standard that you are requesting MediaWiki (or other) developers to reverse from
as an interwiki standard. highly unlikely. And what would be gained by the syntax change from the convention of now-and-here? Nothing IMO.

If the standard wiki URI is also supported properly on the target wikis, the translation is automatic, no brains required, no knowledge of which version of MediaWiki or GetWiki they run, etc..

Evolution of GPL and GFDL systems will drive it naturally to behave in this manner in the future, so I guess we agree on this point.

This is obviously necessary for the GFDL text corpus to evolve independent of Wikimedia, which ought to be our goal.

Independent? Whooa. Hold your horses. Wikipedia is established as the primary gateway into the vastest parts of the GFDL text corpus known to me so to declare independence is taking the larger crowd to note silly --Juxo 21:52, 9 Mar 2004 (EET)

If it isn't, we're not working on the same project, obviously.

Are we ? ;)