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You should be glad trolls are acknowledging that there is any such thing as troll vandalism at all! It is not like sysops acknowledge there is such a thing as sysop vandalism. So trolls are morally superior in knowing that some of their own kind are doing things that are morally indefensible.

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use of technological escalation[edit]

In the SOLLOG case, it is not clear if actually has engaged in vandalbot design or other technological escalation. If his then the pro-SOLLOG forces have become their own sysop power structure

They have become a sysop power structure only in the sense that no-one else may edit their site because it is a static HTML site where no-one else gets any say to what is being published
That is a cult, i.e. a "Website". Just more marketing. Perhaps this is worse than a sysop power structure, it is an ideology maybe. ;-)

and their struggle with the sysops is no longer a troll-sysop struggle nor a troll war between those with equal power relationships, but rather, a simple arms race between two groups using sysop vandalism.

Let's not mix up established terminology. Sysop vandalism can be done only by those that have sysop rights to a certain wiki (or other site). There is no such thing as sysop vandalism on by parties with no sysop rights.
Not even if they use control of other tools or technologies? IT is possible to do hacktivism but the question is, is that more sysop vandalism.

In that case, neither would be any morally superior to the other, they would just be two groups using different technology, at the same moral level.

You did not answer the point. Finding "more powerful technology" is the thing that makes you into George W. Bush rather than Mohandas Gandhi, according to the trolls. THat is why they do not in general seek sysop powers nor would use them. BUt if they do seek out more powerful technology than sysop powers, they are just doing the same thing they criticize, and aren't morally better in any way than those who use other technologies to track them down and revert them.