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    This was GFDL'd at Recyclopedia; Since it's such a critical issue to Consumerium Governance Organization, probably most or all the links here need some comment, maybe just one liners to explain their relevance, with a link to the "sysop power structure-approved" SPSA/Wikipedia version.

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    Some experts expect that the first acts of violence against online sysops are quite near at hand, and will be seen before the end of 2004.
    If I claim that this puts the anticipation hat on for people who admire the capacity to comprehend and realize violent behaviour then this looks like a threat, not a spun one from one faction view point. The anticipation by those who admire violent resistance to some power presents a clear threat to another faction that supports Sysopism as a necessary evil or no evil after all--Juxo 22:10, 14 Apr 2004 (EEST)
    That is their problem not ours, but, fair enough. It doesn't have to be on our radar here necessarily. Though it's hard to imagine that comments made in online media won't be just as inflammatory and contentious as those made on radio or TV or in print, when online media statements are just as important.
    Similar predictions were made regarding deaths of protestors in the anti-globalization movement, which were realized in Genoa in late 2001.
    I don't know the expression in English, but this is not a good thing to record since proclamations can be the cause of the manifestation of the proclamation. It's a paradoxical, sorta timetravel thing where causality moves in reverse direction in time, taken that time exists. So to keep this sysop from severely force feeding you Kit-Kat McFlurry I suggest you stop copying articles of such high controversy points and predictions from Recyclopedia. So put it short no more threats on people's physical safety, mmkay? For the sake of our psyche, please.--Juxo 22:10, 14 Apr 2004 (EEST)~
    Trolls don't know what is controversial or not, but will trust Lowest Troll judgement on this point. We don't owe the dirty sysops any warning, so, it's fine with us if this is omitted.